beharThousands of people around the world carry the last names Bejar, Behar, Bejarano, Becerano and many more derivations of the of the name of this city. Time, geography and culture have transformed its sound and physical appearance. Many of those people are direct descendant of the Sephardim (the jews of Spain). Although they were forced to abandon their land, Sepharad, they chose to keep its familiar names, its language, and its customs. The sephardim love of Sepharad made them treasure its cultural legacy, and they carefully passed it on for 500 years.

Notable jewish personalities have carried the name of our city around the world. Such is the case of Haim Bejarano (1846-1931). He was a scholar, intellectual, and professor born in Bulgaria, where he directed the Sephardic School and became the Grand Rabbi of Turkey. Haim Bejarano was defended and disseminated Sephardic culture throughout Europe, and was in contact with notable Spanish intellectuals such as Unamuno and Menendez Pidal

We can also find notable Bejaranos nowadays; for example: the canadian singer Dan Bejar (1972), Abdellah Béhar (1963), moroccan born French Olympic athlete; American journalist Richard Behar; Cuban anthropologist Ruth Behar; Rumanian born French author Alberto Enrique Bejar (a.k.a Alexander Vona);  Maxim Behar (1955), Bulgarian entrepreneur; and Howard Behar, founder and president of Starbucks Coffee, among many others.

Our Museum continues growing every time one of them visits us. Some members of the Great Bejarano Family send us their photos and family stories from Seatle to London, Sophia or Tel Aviv. We welcome these precious pieces of history. If you would like to contribute to our archive please contact us at, or simply upload the imagines you would like to share HERE

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